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Position Papers 

In order to be eligible for awards consideration, ALL COIMUN delegates are required to submit a position paper prior to the conference. Essentially it is a research essay describing your country or character’s stance on the topics outlines in the background guide in your committee, COIMUN staff believes that a good position paper should be neatly formatted and concise thus we urge you to avoid reiterating information already elaborated in the background guide, except for when explaining their significance to your specific character or pointing out something you wish to underscore during the committee debate. Having a well-written position paper will help you organize your research, become familiarized with your character, and enhance your delegate experience throughout the conference.

Requirements for a position paper:

  • Must be submitted to committee chair at March 4th at 23:59 EST

  • Papers are to be submitted to their committee’s submission form. These forms can be found on each committee's subsection page.

  • Papers should be two - three pages in length (approx. 500-750 words) 12-point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced. We will be accepting all formats (pdf, word, google docs) and for some reason that we cannot open it, you will be requested to resubmit a new position paper in one of the three formats no more than 6 hours after notice. 

  • All papers must have citations, in-text and footnote. (accepted style includes: MLA, MLA, and Chicago style. 

  • All sources, including the background guide, must be cited

  • Delegates who submit a paper will be eligible for an award

  • A position paper is required for all committees this year, if delegates want to be eligible for awards

  • If for any reason a delegate requires an extension on their paper, send an email to We cannot extend a deadline any longer than the afternoon of Saturday, March 6. 

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