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Secretary General 

Oscar Yang

Introducing you your Sec-gen of COIMUN. From Toronto, Canada. Oscar is a grade 12 student attending White Oaks Secondary School and enjoys his time attending Model UN Conference Worldwide. He is passionate about global issues and is very excited to meet everyone on the day of the conference. 

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Chargé d'Affaires

Devin Li

Devin Li is in his junior year. From Oakville, Ontario. He has been doing Model UN for 5 years and is greatly interested in every aspect of Crisis and historical committees. Devin is planning to study Economics and International Relations when he is older. He enjoys watching Munk debates and would like the Pandemic to be over so he can watch one in person. 

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USG Staff

Grace Zhu

Grace is a grade 12 student at White Oaks Secondary School. She is an experienced (and dare I say accomplished) Model UN delegate and BP debater. In her free time, Grace enjoys bingeing anime, playing League of Legends and eating egregious amounts of chocolate chip cookies.





Our team has worked hard for months preparing to make this conference possible. We are all very excited to meet every single delegate when the time comes in March!


USG Committee

Ryan Gong 

Ryan is in his Junior year and is deeply interested in history. He always had a passion for the past and the important moments of time in the history of humanity, as such the events that occurred during the cold war is a great source of knowledge. Ryan aims to witness countless variations of “what if” events. History is a passion of his especially when it involves conflict and diplomacy, it is a reminder of what disastrous consequences there are and complex relations and politics involved in the decision making. 


USG Operations

Abdullah Zakaria

Abdullah Zakaria is a 16 year old student attending school at White Oaks Secondary. He handles the social media aspect of COIMUN and look forward to meeting everyone! In his free time he enjoys playing video games, going outside, and hanging out with his family.

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Staff Advisor

Warren Liu 

Warren is a Second Year Computer Science and Economics student at The University of Toronto. Warren is also an avid F1 fan, and avid participant of model un in high school

In normal pre-pandemic times, Warren can usually be found studying at the library, sipping coffee, or walking around UofT, his university's campus.


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