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Canadian Online International Model United Nations


Canadian Online International Model United Nations is a two-day online conference with delegates all around the world participating. At COIMUN, delegates will have the opportunity engage in strong debate in current issues. This year, the two committees that COIMUN will offer will be a Joint-Crisis Committee of Warsaw Pact vs Nato and a Specialized Committee of the United Nations Higher Commissions for Refugees

Letter From the Secretary-General


Dear all:

As we step into the uncertainties the second decade on the 21st Century. One of the greatest challenges that lies ahead of us is the polarisation of our everyday discourse.  Polarization between countries has made discourse more rare and less productive. We live in a challenging time. Millions of people are dying of a virus, that, due to mismanagement, has made the governments hard to be entrusted by their people. Beliefs in democracy, freedom and the pursuit of happiness are being replaced by the chants of nationalism and populist seclusions are rising. Even in the United Nations, the forefront hub for world’s countries to collaborate and reaching consensus on solutions to global issues, faces the threat of national leaders who refuse to engage in diplomacy, and who respond to problems with calls of protectionism and a return to isolationism. In the midst of all this, in perturbing times, there is one question that must be answered, and it is how to navigate this increasingly polarized planet, and living in a biopolar world has yet to unfold. For if today’s problems sow the seeds for tomorrow’s disaster, then perhaps the youth across the world should come together and engage discourse, so that when we become leaders of tomorrow, we can understand each other and achieve peaceful times in our lives. 


– COIMUN 2021 Secretariat 

Oscar Yang

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